Frequently Asked Questions

If I own or want to buy a Ranch, what can Paladin do for me?

Owning a Ranch is an investment and just like other valuable investments a ranch project deserves a well-designed management plan. Paladin will assist you in defining your family’s vision for a ranch and then our experience and expertise will help you prevent mistakes, save time and money, and make sure your Ranch turns out the way you intended it to.

Who are Paladin’s clients?

Paladin offers administrative and planning expertise for resident and non-resident ranchers. Our clients are current and prospective landowners that need help identifying, planning, and building the ranch that fits their families recreational and investment requirements.

What type of Ranch properties does Paladin help with?

There is no ranch property too small or too large to benefit and save money from a comprehensive planning process. Paladin will help you with recreational, natural resource conservation, and livestock production ranches.

What is integrated resource management?

Integrated Resource Management (IRM) is a science-based land stewardship approach that recognizes both economic and environmental factors in decision making so that long-term sustainable benefits are optimized.

What is a strategic master plan (SMP) and why is it important for my Ranch?

A SMP is a written affirmation of the owner’s vision of the Ranch. It includes a collaborative planning process that address’s multiple land use objectives at the same time such as integrating a lush, green, fly fishing stream with an intensive grazing program. A SMP prioritizes objectives and makes sure the things the owner wants done, get done, and not just talked about.

Once we have our Ranch up and running, will Paladin continue to be the ranch manager or caretaker of our property?

No, Paladin is a dependable partner and will always be available to provide expertise but our mission is to save the landowner money in a strategic planning and management process. That process includes making sure the best person to manage your Ranch is working directly for you.

How does Paladin charge for services?

Paladin is not a multi-layered company so we do not have the burden of administrative overhead. Charges are billed at a flat or hourly rate and in cases of longer engagement, such as interim management, fee's will be modified to a competitive weekly or monthly basis. We serve the landowner directly and do not work or compete for commissions.

Does Paladin work with other industry professionals?

Yes. We are positive communicators and have decades of experience collaborating and working with industry professionals and rural, real estate experts. We look forward to working with a landowner’s family or their team of professionals.